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Desperados Bumper Bar

At the new TonTon club Westergasfabriek we wanted to make the bar interactive. To make waiting for your beer more enjoyable.

The bar was turned into a racecourse for two players, next to each other on the bar. Every object that is placed on the bar is traced by the kinect hanging on top of the bar and directly used in the game as an obstacle. This way you can create your own racecourse with the drinks on the bar. And the course is constantly changing as people grab their beers and the bartender puts new ones there.

The game starts by placing two drinks in the cupholders in the bar. These are the start buttons and your car appears on the track. The controls are build into the bar and you can grab powerups with the car you’re driving like a boost or mine.

The game development was done by IJsfontein, electronics by Scott van Haastrecht. The installation of the bar, project management and concept was done by me.