Studio-Stam was founded 6 years ago by Styn Geurts and Sam van Doorn, after a houseparty in our student home took a wrong turn (we blame the alcohol). We woke up to a completely destroyed house, with broken doors, broken windows and things beyond repair. Based on the famous words of Pablo Picasso, ‘Every act of creation is first an act of destruction‘. So that morning, we decided to create Studio-Stam.

We were both students from ArtEZ art school in Arnhem. After graduation, Styn Geurts took a different job and Sam now runs the studio.

After years of growth it has now become a studio where 2 passions meet, building and design. We try to keep growing into the dream factory where we can create and build anything. Bringing the physical labor and digital design together has us creating our best work and we would like to do that work for you as well.

Feel free to come by for some fresh pots and pingpong, either just for fun or for a project idea.

Thanks for visiting and we’ll see u around!